Age guide to introducing solids


Whether you’re doing BLW Baby Led Weaning or the usual purée route, you will find this age guide for solids introduction amazingly useful.

I have this on my fridge and ticked off every new food I introduced to Lil Pea.

It also helped to keep track of any allergies (we found out he’s allergic to cow’s milk).

Age guide to introducing solids

What’s good about this’s particular chart is that it’s easy to use, laid out nicely, and takes a more prudent approach (later, rather than earlier for some possibly allergenic foods).

Also, it’s cross-referenced to well-known sources (see bottom of chart for sources).

This chart I pinned to my Pinterest board keeps getting re-pinned; no doubt other parents find it useful too!

You can follow my weaning and solid foods Pinterest boards here:


Age guide source:


11 thoughts on “Age guide to introducing solids

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  3. My pediatrician says not to start my LO on grains until 9 months because baby’s guts can properly digest grains until that time. New study…


  4. Amazing job here.You know what?I LOVE this topic you made.Very helpful.Its so chock full of useful info i cant wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me.Your exubernace is refreshing.Keep up the good work!


  5. I had this excellent guide to introduce solids by Susan Urban “How to introduce solid foods to your baby” (got it here ). Before reading the guide, I was confused. This guide showed me how to begin, when, everything about quantities, food consistency, storing foods, allergies, etc. It’s an ebook, so I had it on my phone all the time and could read it even in the store while shopping.
    Hope it’ll help other parents too


    • Melinda, this guide contains all the information I needed. I love that the book ends with a summary chart divided into age groups. There is so much great information here! I’ll be sure to pass it on to my new mommy friends! Thanks for sharing the link


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