About Stardust&Bloom

Stardust&Bloom started when I decided that I was learning so many new things as mummy to Little Pea, I just had to write it all down somewhere.

After all, I’m a writer by trade.

My little star is now one year old. I would love to say that the months flew by, but no – they don’t tell you how babies are a constant marathon of needs and wants. Other parents are too nice to scare noob parents.

Diapers, breastfeeding, crying fits, allergy outbreaks and more diapers.

But for the pure joy of watching him bloom and grow, I’d do it all over again.

Parenting is about stewardship, and these little stars in our lives are given to us by God. And I’m so happy to have Little Pea and hubby with me on this fantastic ride.

I only started this blog when Pea turned one; before that I couldn’t find time to post anything!

But in that year, I researched all kinds of topics that came up when caring for him: Sleep habits, baby-led weaning, breastfeeding, attachment parenting vs. cry it out, how to raise kids with the right values, all kinds of products to help with his eczema (clothes, lotions, body washes, natural foods and even housecleaning products, you name it), and other fun things like where to take him on a day out, nursing wear, and useful things that help make life easier (or simply more fun).

When companies approach me to review their baby/mummy products, even if they are giveaways, my reviews are still my independent opinions. My reviews are not advertorials; if they are advertorials, I’d say so.

It’s also fun when some brands sponsor giveaways for Stardust&Bloom fans. Nice little perk for our readers!

Goodness knows I’ve depended on the candid but detailed reviews of other mums online, before I spent my money on any product.

So it goes, motherhood takes all the energy and love you have to give. But hey, we do whatever it takes, right?

Lots of stardust,

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