Lookback: The First Year

Some of my friends call my son Ah Huat.

I think it’s because he is so blessed, and gives us much joy. (And also because when I was pregnant with him, I was able to flag down cabs without waiting and win prizes in contests.)

Here are some of his milestones – including daddy’s thoughts – in his first year that I want to ink into digital memory.

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Nursing wear by Spring: Review

No mumsy pyjamas-floral potato sacks, please. It’s awful enough fighting morning sickness every day, water retention, and a world globe of a bump.

When I was pregnant with Little Pea, my maternity wardrobe was mostly made up of Spring Maternity apparel. Two things that drew me to this local brand that distributes throughout South-East Asia and other parts of the world: Soft, breathable fabrics and chic styles.


From my second trimester onwards, I bought this brand’s nursing wear that could take me from pregnancy to the breastfeeding stage. Clothes that I could wear on the weekend and in the office.

Here’s a tip: Instead of maternity clothes, opt for nursing wear even at the beginning of your pregnancy, if you intend to breastfeed. You can still use nursing wear after giving birth.

Little Pea is one year old now, and I’m still wearing these nursing clothes. How’s that for mileage?

I especially liked the cool, smooth fabrics of their bamboo fabric range.

So when Spring sent me their latest nursing apparel designs for review, I was more than happy to try them out.


Virgina Tie Up Dress Red

Virginia tie up nursing dress in red

It may be a bit warm in Singapore for long-sleeved wear, but this nursing dress in striking red bamboo cotton is great for the office, or a dinner date. It’s pretty versatile.

Virginia nursing access

And, it hugs in the right places, too.

It also features an accessible, stretchy nursing opening, artfully hidden in the bust-hugging wrap front. You could also choose where you want the tie front to be – to the side, or straight-centre.

A huge plus for breastfeeding mums – there’s no way you could wear a normal dress and breastfeed.

I could nurse Little Pea easily in this dress. No fumbling about. Yay for nursing in public, easy as you please.



Flo Layer Sleeveless Top Canary

This cheery, stylish asymmetrical drape top in canary yellow is also made of Green by Spring’s range of bamboo fabric.

Flo Layer sleeveless top in canary yellow

Wonderful in humid Singapore weather, and easy to nurse in.

Flo nursing access

But be sure to try it out before buying it. This top runs a bit big in size.

If you go a size too big, it may hang loosely, kind of like a potato sack in a bad telematch. Get the right fit and it will hug your curves nicely. Mine is, er, slightly too big. That’s because I didn’t try it on first!


Spring Macy Bamboo Bra Nude

Macy bamboo nursing bra in nude

This comfortable drop-cup bra in bamboo fabric gives good support and a subtle lift. But like any bra, get yours fitted before buying it.

Women have such differently-shaped bodies, what works for me may not suit your body shape. In fact, some of the other bras I bought from Spring tended to be a bit too wide, and the cups would gape slightly.

This bra, however, fit me nicely, with no awkward gaps.

I remember trying almost the entire range of Spring bras at their shop in my first and second trimester. Truckloads, I tell you! Keep trying until you find a cut that fits you.


Maureen Front Clip Bra Cinder

Maureen front clip bra in cinder

This another drop-cup bra that fits me well. And the padding is not too thick, which is what I like. I don’t fancy a bulky front, cos hey, I already went up two bra sizes. So, no thank you.

The fabric is comfortable enough. Smooth and soft on the skin. I’ve worn this since my second trimester.

But the racer back design of the shoulder straps tend to peek out under the wide collars of my tops. And somehow the shoulder straps, which pull towards the nape, would yank the drop-down cup clips a bit out of whack, so that the clips would stick out slightly and dig into the shoulders.

It took a few adjustments, with the clips at a slightly unnatural position, to get them to stop digging in.

Otherwise, the cut of the bra fits me well.


Mae Strapless Bamboo Bra

Mae strapless bamboo bra in nude

I’ve worn this since my second trimester.

Strapless bras are a cinch to breastfeed with. Really easy to fold down, no clips to fumble with.

They are way more convenient than drop-down cups, but the downside is that they tend to shift in position slightly and therefore offer less secure support.

The shape of these cups keep well, after many washes.


Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads

Lacy Lucy nursing pads

Spring sent me these nursing pads to try out. They come in three colours: Black, peach-nude, and white, with adhesive strips.

I used to leak about 60ml in the early months of breastfeeding – much less now. Little Pea nurses 4 times a day now that he is over one year old.

These pads are highly absorbent, comfortable and keep me dry.

The curve of the pads work well to stay unobtrusive and adhered to bra cups. The lacy scalloped top rim is a nice touch.

But that plastic scalloped edge rubs against the skin slightly and causes some irritation. After some adjustments, that didn’t happen very often.

And the inner cottony pad tends to bunch up, especially when releasing the drop-down cup of a bra or pulling down the cup of a bandeau bra.

I usually use Pigeon nursing pads. Those are also highly absorbent and don’t bunch up so much.


You can find Spring shops at these locations, or shop online. They offer free shipping above $80.

Do let me know how you find Spring’s maternity and nursing products. They have a nice range of baby apparel too, also in bamboo fabric!